Getting pregnant: Women share IVF isn’t an easy journey, but it’s a chance you should definitely take

If you want to become a mom and experience pregnancy, but are unable to conceive naturally, then IVF may give you a second chance.

IVF – In vitro fertilization – is the joining of a woman’s egg and a man’s sperm in a laboratory dish. When the fertilized egg divides, it becomes an embryo, which is then placed in the woman’s womb.
However, IVF, for most couples, is a process that requires an incredible amount of patience, perseverance and determination.

To gauge a broader idea of people’s perception of IVF, we asked Etimes Lifestyle followers on Instagram:
When asked what scares them the most about IVF procedure for conceiving a baby, 26% chose cost, 33% were worried about the procedure failing, 11% were worried about ‘what will society say?’ and 30% stressed about the painful procedure. Furthermore, 45% of participants said they will try IVF if they are unable to conceive naturally, while 28% said they would not be comfortable; 57% participants chose IVF over adoption.
This World IVF Day, Etimes Lifestyle also spoke to incredible women who shared their experience of going through IVF, and the eventual success or failure they met.

Shweta Batra, 37

Shweta revealed that she got married when she was 24 years old and wanted to plan a baby after her marriage. However, “there were some problems, concerns, and I was not able to conceive naturally. So I consulted some doctors and one of the doctors suggested IVF,” she shared, adding, “So the very first treatment that I took was in 2015.”
However, she was not able to conceive. Over time, she gave 5 attempts at top hospitals “but unfortunately I couldn’t conceive and the doctors were not able to tell me what the exact problem was.”
The journey was exhausting. “Emotionally it was, I can’t even tell you the situations when I used to get the results as negative. I used to cry, I used to get depressed at home. I didn’t want to talk to anybody for a few days,” she shared.
“But then after one week or two weeks’ time, I used to tell myself that no, things will happen. And that positivity I think somewhere helped. I prayed and I’m really thankful to the Almighty because especially during my last attempt, I was really very positive about it,” she added.
It was finally in her sixth attempt when she “met Dr. Neha Gupta from MediWorld Fertility in March 2021,” that she finally “conceived and in November my baby was born” who is now “one and a half years old.”
“I think these children who are born through IVF are lucky ones. They have been a blessing for the family. They are more loved than any other child because when you long for something and you get it in your hands, naturally that is a different feeling altogether,” she shared, adding “I had longed for my son for a long 11-12 years. Naturally after 12 years when I had him in my hands, it was a completely different feeling which no other mother can experience. “

Akansha Mathurm, 38

In another story, Akanksha shared that she tried 4 cycles of IVF from Jaipur and Delhi, but all of them failed.
Going through multiple cycles isn’t easy. “You have to take a lot of medicines and injections in that process. That is a little problematic. There are hormonal changes in the body because those are hormonal medicines,” she shared, adding, “Medication and the process exhausts a person from the inside. If she doesn’t get a positive response, then the person gets stressed and tense.”
It was her husband and family’s support throughout the journey that kept her going. “My husband’s support was with me from the beginning. I never felt any pressure,” she shared.
Further, one IVF cycle can cost around 2 lakhs from a Government hospital, and 4 lakhs from a private hospital, including the cost of all medications and injections. So IVF can be a costly and mentally stressful process.

When asked if she would encourage others with fertility issues to opt for this procedure, Mathur said, “Even if it was unsuccessful in my case, I know people who have had children through IVF. So, I say try it. I believe IVF success also depends on your luck. If there are 10 people like me who failed, then there are 100 people out there too who might have had success. So, you should definitely try and hope for the best.”

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